San Carlos encourages students to exercise

April 2, 2008 8:19:41 AM PDT
Today, school administrators hope to replace the smell of auto exhaust with the squeak of a bike chain or the soft patter of a walking shoe - anything to get students out of the car and into a little exercise.

A big part of this is dealing with childhood obesity. Many of us remember walking to school, but it seems like children are doing it less and less now. Parents now have fears about what could happen to their children as they are walking to school. They really want to encourage parents to walk to school with their children, and have parents do what they can to get them out there - its good for the environment and good for the children's health.

They are calling the effort in San Carlos the San Car Less Days. It's an effort to motivate kids to walk. They even have goodie bags for the class that gets the most students on foot today. School board members will also be out walking today. They are also hoping this will also cut down on car pollution.

It sounds very basic, but officials are saying that is what we have to do to encourage everyone to get back to the basics - they think it will be good for the whole community.