Landlords accused of waging war on tenants


The couple is facing serious felony charges. Some serious and dangerous things Kip and Nicole Macy are accused of doing include cutting support beams and drilling holes in apartment floors, turning off the power and cutting off phone lines, all in an effort to get a tenant they were trying to evict, out of this building.

The San Francisco District Attorney says the Macys also broke into another unit in the building and stole cash and other items. On another occasion, they poured liquid ammonia on a tenant's clothing, bedding and electronic equipment.

The Macys bought the building in the South of Market area of San Francisco in 2005, for $995,000. The married couple was arrested on Tuesday. Kip is charged with 11 felonies and Nicole with 12 felonies including conspiracy, stalking and burglary.

One resident we spoke with said it has been difficult getting the landlords to do anything.

"PG&E keeps posting things on the front gate stating they are willing to shut off all electricity and gas in the building, unless they have access to the meters. I keep calling the land lords and emailing them and so far haven't had any response," said Elizabeth Dodd, a tenant.

Besides power, there was a notice posted saying the water would be turned off, if payment wasn't made soon. As for the tenant who the Macys tried to drive out of this building by doing all of those things, by cutting the support beams and drilling holes in the apartment, he is still here. He wouldn't talk to us on advice of his lawyer.

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