Safety warnings issued for Crocs


Good Housekeeping is warning parents of any kids who wear Crocs and flip flops.

"At Good Housekeeping Research Institute, we became concerned when we learned of reports of children becoming injured while riding escalators and wearing Crocs or flip flops," said Miriam Around, Good Housekeeping Institute.

A lawyer for one girl's family said she was injured when her Croc was sucked into an airport escalator.

"When this resin material from which Crocs is created makes contact with the side of an escalator, the foot will get sucked in the mechanism of the escalator and take the child's foot with it," said Andrew Laskin, attorney.

"These types of shoes can put kids at risk because they're really only to be used for the beach or the pool. When you're going to places such as ball games and amusement parks, they should really be wearing closed-toes shoes," said Kathleen Huddy, Good Housekeeping Institute.

Crocs sent this statement to 7 On Your Side:

"Escalator safety is an issue it says it takes seriously. Safety experts say several factors contribute to accidents. Riders should stand only in the middle of steps, hold onto the handrail and ensure shoelaces are tied and loose clothing is clear of steps and sides." (You can read the full statement below)

But concerned parents have options that Good Housekeeping says kids will like.

"These are a wonderful pair of shoes from Keen. It has adjustable laces that can be tightened," said Huddy.

The magazine also likes the Beach Trekker shoes by Land's End. The toes are covered, the back is supportive and testers like the shoes' tread. Also ranking high is the Explorer sandal from L.L. Bean. Once again, testers liked the sandal's good tread.

On a related note, many doctors says flips flops don't offer a lot of arch support and aren't good for children doing a lot of walking.

Full Crocs statement:

"Consumer satisfaction, including consumer safety, is a top priority for us at Crocs.

"Escalator safety is an issue we take very seriously. Safety experts say several factors can contribute to accidents, including escalator design and maintenance, loose clothing or untied shoelaces, footwear and improper use.

"The most important safety factor is safe riding behavior. Parents should supervise and assist children. Riders of all ages should step on and off escalators and moving walkways with caution, stand only in the middle of the steps, hold on to the handrail, and ensure shoelaces are tied and loose clothing is clear of steps and sides.

"More information on escalator safety is available from the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation at

We are committed to helping consumers ride escalators and moving walkways safely by working with escalator manufacturers and building owners and managers to increase safety awareness and educate consumers on steps everyone can take to ride safely."

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