The truth about green wines

Featured Wines:

De Martino
Sauvignon Blanc (2007)
Maipo Valley, Chile

Bonterra Vineyards
Merlot (2005)
Mendocino County

Chardonnay (2006)
Santa Lucia Highlands

Information on the 2008 International Green Wine Competition:

In the first competition of its kind, 15 of the World's acknowledged leaders in wines made from organic and biodynamically-grown grapes identified a total of 153 award-winning wines. The winners are listed in The 2008 Consumer's Green Wine Shopping List™, which lists all winners by medal and by company, including prices andwebsites. The List is available as a free download at

Information on Paul Dolan:

The Mendocino Wine Company wants to make a difference in Mendocino County. Paul Dolan wants to make a difference in the world.

Paul believes that having the courage to challenge ourselves to do things differently causes change and allows us to make a difference.

Businesses should run in a broad-based, sustainable context," says Paul. "We know what elements make a sustainable business work, and we plan to integrate those into our small, family partnership at the Mendocino Wine Company."

As a fourth generation winemaker (descended from both Concannon and Italian Swiss Colony winemaking families), Paul and his children are working to build business and environmental sustainability for future generations, and are active participants and contributors in their communities.


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