Doctor accused of molesting patients


The fugitive doctor had been on the run for almost two years. This was a high-profile shocking case in the quiet town of Dublin.

No one knew where he was until Shiu made a critical mistake, which lead American authorities to Taiwan.

Tony Shiu was arrested in Taipei, Taiwan. He had been living here under the alias Tony Jiang.

Chinese news reports say he was teaching English at a school and lived an uneventful quiet life.

Shiu was escorted back to San Francisco Thursday morning on a United flight from Taiwan.

The fugitive doctor ended his 21-month run from the law on Friday in the Alameda County courthouse in Pleasanton. He appeared for his arraignment which was continued until Monday.

Shiu is accused of drugging two men and sexually assaulting one of them in his home in august of 2006.

When the two men went to police, investigators searched Shiu's home and found 450 digital photographs of exposed men who appeared to be drugged.

"A lot of them were in a medical situation so IV's and that type of thing. It appeared the subjects depicted in the photos were unconscious at the time," said Lt. Glenn Moon from Dublin Police.

Shiu disappeared soon after the search of his home. A $1 million warrant was issued for his arrest, and police say that's when police say that's when he fled to Taiwan.

Chinese news reports say Shiu was about to get married to a Taiwanese woman.

But the reports say, in order to get marriage documents, he had to get some paperwork at the American Diplomatic Mission.

For whatever reason, he showed officials there his passport with his real name.

"That's when they were alerted that he utilized his real passport. And when they ran his name with his date of birth that revealed he had the warrant for his arrest," said Moon.

Shiu ran a private practice from an office in Dublin. Anita Bowerman once took her husband to see him.

"He seemed very knowledgeable and I really liked him a lot. I'm just amazed at what concurred here," said Bowerman.

Is she worried that her husband could have been victimized?

"I was with him all the time. Yeah," said Bowerman.

Shiu shared office space with another doctor Natasha Phan. She was not working Friday. But police say she knew nothing about all of this, and was just as shocked as everyone else.

Frank Ley runs a martial arts studio next door.

"She's been victimized too, because she put her trust in somebody that she went into a partnership with a now she's dealing with the aftermath of it as well," said Ley.

The State Medical Board revoked Shiu's license last year. Shiu is in the Santa Rita jail and he will be back in court on Monday.

He faces a number of charges and the most serious one is rape.

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