Leno declares victory in Senate race


Leno's supporters at his campaign headquarters in /*San Rafael*/ were very excited. Mark Leno headed back to his San Francisco campaign headquarters to celebrate. For a while Tuesday night it was a real nail biter for Leno's supporters with the race sea-sawing back and forth. By the end of the night the tide did turn and /*Leno*/ declared victory and spoke about the future.

"The work is not done, so the issues I was championing, both as a member of the County Board of Supervisors and subsequently as a member of the /*State Assembly*/, I will continue to work on. Hopefully, in the State Senate," said Leno.

/*State Senator Carol Migden*/ is the incumbent who was fighting to hang onto her political career, but earlier on Tuesday night she acknowledged that the numbers simply did not go her way.

"The night's early, we just see frozen numbers and we've waiting for the final returns. Regardless, I feel great to have served, it's a great privilege and I've got many fine people here who've stood by me," said State Senator Carole Migden (D) of San Francisco.

The pollsters and pundits have said former State Assembly member Joe Nation would be a player in this race and he said he was pinning his hopes on the provisional ballots.

"It looks like this is going to be a late night and this may come down to the provisional ballots. There may be provisional ballots that are coming in from Marin or Sonoma or San Francisco that could point us in a certain direction," said Nation (D) from San Rafael.

/*Mark Leno*/ appears to be a run away winner. District Three has only 16 percent of the register voters who are Republican, so it appears Sashi McEntee (R) from San Francisco will have a cake walk into the November general election.

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