Feng Shui your way to happiness

Janice's home tips

  • Water is good for attracting and holding prosperity. The size of the water (pool, pond, water fountain) should be portioned to the size of your home.
  • Be cautious of using red and purple in rooms. They promote arguing and sickness.

Janice's life tips

  • If you're happy, you'll attract happy people.
  • Make a list of want you want and think about what you want to be. Create a poster board with positive imagery from magazines, newspapers, etc.

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About Janice Sugita

Janice Sugita, author, international feng shui consultant and interior designer has appeared on several television shows, seminars and conventions and has contributed and been featured in many international magazines. Combining information from her 27 years design experience, she gives her clients simple and effective advice for activating their personal attraction and aligning their homes and businesses for healthy and successful living. She has been studying classical feng shui for over 13 years and is an instructor for the American Feng Shui Institute in Los Angeles and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Janice's feng shui consulting and lecturing has included traveling to all parts of the world ,including Argentina, Switzerland, Chile, Guadalajara, France and Belgium with additional clients in Brazil and Hong Kong. Her services include lecturing, teaching and consulting for homes, offices, restaurants, retail, medical, home developers and new site selection and design.

Based on classical feng shui methods of environment, architecture , time and building orientation Janice provides her clientele with a full written onsite consultation that includes updates for 3 years. Together with the feng shui analysis she is able to give the client valuable design tips to implement the remedies that will align their space for healthy and successful living. Her specialty is designing environments that are visually striking yet are physically and mentally calming. She is currently working with www.accentsinwater.com, a Colorado based fountain manufacturer for an upcoming line of interior feng shui water features and will a featured speaker on upcoming cruises.

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