Cameras installed at Menlo Park intersection


It stems from the car crash that killed Pulitzer Prize winner David Halberstam last year. It happened at Willow Road and Bayfront Expressway.

If you are planning to run a red light at Willow Road and Bayfront Expressway 'say cheese.' Police is ready to snapping four pictures of drivers who run a red light, and starting on Tuesday, it is going to cost.

Menlo Park Police put up these cameras on May 6th in an effort to stop red light runners turning left.

Up until now, they were sending warnings to the culprits, but now they are handing out citation. Tickets run at least $378 and that's for the first time. During the first month of trial testing, 194 drivers were sent warnings.

These cameras are the first of four sets planned for the area, and they are also at the same intersection where Pulitzer Prize Winner David Halberstam was killed in April of 2007 that involved a driver turning left on red.

But police said that's not the only reason this intersection was the first.

"We take the number of collisions, injury collisions, fatalities collision and compare it or not to whether the main commute artery and what violations are," said Sgt. Sharon Kaufman from Menlo Park Police Department.

The cameras take several angles wide and tight, and that helps police see everything. If you are sighted, you also see a web address where you can see a 12-second video of your troublesome turn, and a chance to contest your citation.

But as they say, the camera usually doesn't lie.

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