Evacuees go to new shelter in Scotts Valley


As of 4 p.m. Thursday the shelter moved to Scotts Valley Middle School because it was getting too smoky around Wednesday night's location.

Betty Sorensen got an early wake up call when firefighters told her it was time to evacuate.

"I'm all alone and they said we had to get out. I don't even have a change of clothes or anything," said Sorensen, an evacuee.

There were others who grabbed what they could.

"You kind of keep reminding yourself, it's people and animals. Houses can be rebuilt and furniture remade, but it's scary," said Carol Gillette, an evacuee.

Some were cared for at a Red Cross shelter in Felton. Evacuees have been coming in since Wednesday.

"We had 30 people signed in to the shelter and about 15 of those slept in cots and another 15 in their cars, keeping their pets company in the cars," said Cherry Roberts with the American Red Cross.

Carolyn Wardrip was not at home when she found out about the evacuations.

"I called and they said I couldn't get into my house and I said, 'I have three dogs there,' and they said 'Lady, we are sorry about your dogs," said Wardrip, a Bonny Doon area homeowner.

That's when Santa Cruz County Animal Services came to help. They rescued her three dogs.

"Right now we have 14 dogs. We also have 17 cats. One dog and two cats have been returned to their people. We also have over 65 chickens," said Tricia Geireiter with the Santa Cruz County Animal Services.

Horses have been taken to the Graham Hill Showgrounds.

"It's coming this way, It's coming south," said a man looking at a CAL FIRE map.

Information boards outside several supermarkets and grocery stores are helping people follow the course of the fire.

"I'm sure they'll get it under control before it gets anywhere near us. I hope," said Jimmy Bishop, a Ben Lomond resident.


Old Red Cross shelter, open Wednesday night, was at the San Lorenzo Valley Middle School. The San Lorenzo Valley Middle School graduation will go on as planned at the school at 6 p.m.

New Red Cross shelter, moved as of 4 p.m. Thursday:
Scotts Valley Middle School
8 Bean Creek Road
Scotts Valley, CA
Near the intersection of Bean Creek Road and Scotts Valley Drive.

  • For up-to-date information on shelter locations: Red Cross Santa Cruz County Chapter - (831) 462-2881
  • CAL FIRE number for residents for information on whether their homes are in an evacuation area: (831) 335-6717 or (831) 335-6718

    Animal evacuation information:

  • For assistance with the evacuation of pets left behind due to evacuation orders, call Animal Services at (831) 454-7303 (corrected phone number). Evacuated livestock have been housed at the Graham Hill Showgrounds.

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