US Airways adds more fees

PHILADELPHIA US Airways and United Airlines have announced they are following rival American Airlines in charging $15 each way for a passenger's first checked bag.

US Airways says its new fee will go into effect for tickets booked after July 9. It will also start charging coach passengers $2 for nonalcoholic drinks starting August 1.

United Airlines is starting to charge for your first checked bag for all domestic flights starting August 18.

The Powell family usually checks four bags for their roundtrips - which will tack on another 120-dollars to their travel costs

Airlines say they have no choice but to pass on the costs of high fuel prices to passengers. Jet fuel prices have doubled in the past year.

Almost all airlines have already been charging $25 each way for a second checked bag.

You probably need to start getting to the airport earlier than ever before because longer waits are expected at desks where the baggage fees will be collected.

Also today, US Airways announced it will eliminate 1,700 jobs.
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