Redesign your life from the inside out

Redesign your life from the inside out
4 steps:

  1. Clearing - declutter your mind and your home
  2. Assessing - taking stock inside and out
  3. Discovering - the gems and treasures in your life and home
  4. Illuminate - light it up to create the life you want and the mood in your surroundings

6 easy tips ( 3 for the inside and 3 for the outside) to start the redesign process


  1. Take 30 seconds to stop and breathe at least 3 times a day - before each meal is an easy way to remember
  2. Daring dozen - find at least 12 things about your life that are working well - write them down and keep an entire journal of what works in your life
  3. Smile when you wake up and when you go to sleep (and any other time your feel like it)
  1. Take a laundry basket and collect all the clutter in your home and let the owners of the clutter know that it will be tossed if not claimed with 24 hours
  2. Shop your home for treasures - look in the attic, basement, closets
  3. Set the lighting in your room in a triangular pattern, and make sure there is a lamp next to your favorite place to sit

For more information on redesigning your life and Betty Louise and Leslie Ameel, check out their blog at:

Watch for their online radio show, "Women on Air: A Force for Change," coming in September.

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