Sanctuary policy creates records battle


"This county was used as a dumping ground by the City of San Francisco," said a San Bernardino council member.

The /*San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors*/ unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday putting San Francisco on notice. They have been livid since finding out last week that San Francisco has been sending juvenile offenders there. Recently, eight young Honduran crack dealers were placed in group homes in Yucaipa, all of them ran away only, and only one has been found. Apparently San Bernardino officials never even knew they were there.

"San Francisco had not only a legal obligation, but a moral obligation to notify us. They did not do that," said Michelle Scray, Deputy Chief of Probation.

Until last week, it was San Francisco practice to shield illegal immigrant offenders who are minors from federal immigration officials by either flying them back to their native countries or placing them in group homes.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has now reversed the policy, but that hasn't ended the outrage in San Bernardino County.

Tuesday, their supervisors discussed suing San Francisco to recoup any law enforcement costs.

"I appreciate their concerns. I think there are better ways for them to spend their time, but I'll take a look at anything in writing. I'll take a good look at it," said Mayor Newsom.

San Bernardino County is also asking San Francisco to come up with records of all past placements and specifics on every single case. Something they're said to be working on here at the juvenile probation department.

A law suit is said to be a last resort, but there is a lot of resentment towards San Francisco, which one supervisor called "arrogant."

"If it's appropriate. We're very good at apologizing in San Francisco. I think there's a lot of bigger issues for San Bernardino County," said Mayor Newsom.

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