SF's Neil Young films anti-war tour

"People can connect the dots and they can see a lot of problems we have, have a lot to do with this war," says Young.

He decided to film their 2006 tour and used footage from ABC reporter Mike Cerre of Sausalito, who had been imbedded in Iraq.

"Out of meeting Mike, I said we were goin' on the road to take this music out and we want to see what happens. How would you like to come along and imbed in the tour? It's emotional, you know, because we're living the songs. We're singing about this and we're seeing people crying in the audience," says Young.

However, their political message struck a wrong note Atlanta. They were met with boos, obscene gestures, things were thrown onstage and people walked out.

It is a sensitive, delicate subject. And that's why promoting this film has been somewhat understated.

Neil remains hopeful. Change is coming he says.

"I really feel optimistic about the future."

Below is a list of Bay Area theatres which will be showing the film:

Bridge Theatre -- San Francisco, CA -- 7/25/2008

Aquarius 2 -- Palo Alto, CA -- 7/25/2008

Nickelodeon Theatres -- Santa Cruz, CA -- 7/25/2008

Shattuck Cinemas -- Berkeley, CA -- 7/25/2008

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