Slowing down with food meditation

Unfortunately, our societal relationship with food is highly symbolic of our culture's need for speed.

Eating too fast leads to:

  • Poor communication between the stomach and the brain
  • Incomplete digestion of foods
  • A tendency to overeat
  • Lack of enjoyment

    Summer is an ideal time to appreciate the importance of eating slowly. Lisa discussed a recent study that demonstrates the benefits of eating slowly:

  • People who eat more slowly consume fewer total calories than those who eat more quickly;
  • People who eat more slowly tend to consume more water than those who eat more quickly;
  • People who eat more slowly are more satisfied after their meal than those who eat more quickly.
    Lisa Ota's website:

    Lisa Ota's Bio:

    Lisa is a Registered Dietitian with degrees in Nutritional Sciences, Public Health Nutrition, and Culture and Creation Spirituality, Lisa is highly and uniquely qualified to help us understand our dynamic relationship with food. She has developed wellness programs for various non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations, including Safeway and Pacific Bell. Amongst her favorite projects was the direction of the first statewide distribution of UC Berkeley's The Wellness Guide to over one million English- and Spanish-speaking participants in California's Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program.

    She currently serves on The Wellness Letter Fund Advisory Committee at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health and as Education Coordinator for The California Nutrition Council. A member of The California Dietetic Association and The American Dietetic Association, She participates in the following practice groups: Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, Vegetarian Nutrition, Food and Culinary Professionals, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs. She is also a member of the Slow Food Movement.

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