Do you have eCoupons?

Becky Black just started searching for deals two months ago, today she's hooked. "I think a lot of times I can almost walk out of the store saving like 30-40 sometimes 50 percent."

She is using free money or coupons.

"I just found that clipping them is almost the therapeutic thing to just sit there and cut out several coupons."

Now Becky is doing more than clipping coupons, she's surfing the internet for them. Her favorite site is "Then you pull up your state, which store you are looking for," says Becky.

The site then shows you what items have a coupon and where to find it. The site also tells if the item is on sale.

Other websites with a common strategy are and the

As food prices rise so is the availability and popularity of coupons. Why not use them? After all it's free money.

It is also recommended to look at the websites for the individual stores. Often you can find even more deals there.

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