Arrest for false kidnap, sex report

August 4, 2008 10:29:06 AM PDT
San Francisco police have arrested a woman who allegedly falsely reported that she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted on July 12, according to the Police Department.

San Francisco resident Sharon Lee, 30, reported that day that four men had kidnapped her and attempted to assault her, police said. She contacted police again the next day and reported that a man in a vehicle in the Mission District was one of the men who attacked her.

Officers arrested the man and booked him into county jail.

However, investigators later discovered that the man had not committed the alleged crimes and released him.

Investigators then learned that Lee was involved in a fight between two groups and claimed she was attacked as retaliation, police said.

Lee was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of perjury, conspiracy to file a false kidnapping and sexual assault report and resisting arrest, police said.