Elmo goes high tech!

For the first time ever on any children's website, www.sesamestreet.org has live action Muppets greet kids upon arrival at the Muppet home page and guide them throughout. The site is completely free of charge to all users.

Highlights include:

  • Hundreds of Flash-based games and activities featuring favorite Sesame Street characters to help preschoolers prepare for school
  • Nearly 3000 classic and current Sesame Street videos.
  • Preschooler-friendly applications including "PlaySAFE," which prevents children from navigating away to other sites on their own
  • Hot spots and sparkles: Children need overt visual indicators to determine what areas on the site they can access. To help differentiate what is clickable and what is not, sparkles appear when a user is paused on a "hot spot."

    Website: www.sesamestreet.org

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