'Psychic' arrested for 'sweetheart scams'

August 15, 2008 11:35:53 AM PDT
A 42-year-old alleged scam artist, suspected of involving at least two elderly Santa Clara residents in "sweetheart scams," was arrested in Merced County this week, the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office announced today.

Morgan Blake -- also known as Morgan Psychic Blake, Laura Blake, Laura Ann Miller and "South Bay" Psychic Laura -- is facing charges of grand theft and embezzlement, according to the district attorney's office. In a "sweetheart scam" a younger person wins the affections of an elderly person and then convinces the victim to provide them with money or other material items.

Blake is suspected of persuading an 82-year-old man to lease a new car for her, as well as giving her thousands of dollars in cash supposedly to be used in convincing a family member to let her adopt that person's child.

In another instance an 84-year-old victim went to see Blake as a psychic and the two began a close friendship. Blake allegedly convinced the man to loan her hundreds of thousands of dollars over a seven-year-period, by telling her she was the single mother of two children. He also gave her jewelry and household items.

Together, both victims gave Blake more than $450,000 in cash and gifts, according to the district attorney's office.

Anyone with information about Morgan Blake is asked to contact district attorney's office investigator Dennis Brookins at (408) 792-2851.