Undiscovered sites that can improve your life

Personal Organization/Convenience: www.pageonce.com
Collects your account info for Netflix, Verizon and just about any online account and aggregates the info into a single page.

Entertainment: www.totlol.com
A kid-friendly YouTube. Actual human beings vet videos from all over the Web as suitable for kids age six months to six years and embed them at this site.

Safety: www.criminalsearches.com
Provides data on criminals in your neighborhood, what crimes they were convicted of, and, in some cases, their names and personal info-all from public records. (For this, you could search the area near your station and use as the visual)

Shopping: www.somethingstore.com
For $10, SomethingStore will send you…something. You don't get to pick, and the process is random. From costume jewelry to an iPod.

Travel: www.happymedian.com
Offers meeting places in the middle of up to four addresses, whether you're looking for a restaurant, movie theater, golf course or lodging.

Top 100 undiscovered Web sites from PC Magazine
Experience the top 100 undiscovered Web sites from PCMag.com. This annual Internet rite of passage is assembled by a team of PC Magazine editors, bloggers and analysts who pore over thousands of submissions to find the best and the brightest on the Web. The full list of top 100 undiscovered sites will be at PCMag.com on August 11.

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