Apple unveils new iPods


When you already have a 73 percent share of the personal music player business, how do you top that?

"For this holiday season, we're making it even better," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

And thinner, and cheaper.

A new Nano comes in an eye-catching array of new colors. The 8GB version has a price tag of $149 -- $50 less than the previous model, and cheaper than a Zune, Microsoft's music player.

"It's going to attract a whole new set of consumers who couldn't buy at $299, but at $199 or $149, say, this is going to be a device for me, particularly when you add in the personalization aspect of all the colors people can choose from," said Jupiter Research Analyst Michael Gartenberg.

On top of that, Apple has a new version of its iTunes online music store. A new feature creates playlists mixing songs that work well together.

"As they refresh their products, their competitors are going, which product am I trying to compete with? And when they choose one, and when they bring their product out, that one's gone, and there's another one in there that's different," said Gartner Inc. research analyst Van Baker.

HD has come to iTunes too, and there was one more thing. Actually, it came at the beginning when jobs went on stage.

Jobs got to refute an obituary that came out two weeks ago. It gave everyone a laugh before the new product announcements.

"Before we do, I just want to mention this," said Jobs.

Up on the screen, the famous Mark Twain quotation: "the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated."

Now that the new iPod line is out, we'll have to see if Steve Jobs and Apple have hit a home run. We'll know right after the holidays.

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