The 5 S's of soothing baby

SOOTHE: There are simple tools to help soothe your baby. Babies do cry because this is only form of communication. Most times we can soothe a baby just by picking her up or giving her a pacifier. We as parents try and find the solution to what they are communicating to us. Other times, we feed, change, pick up, burp and nothing works. Dr Harvey Karp is a pediatrician that wrote "Happiest Baby on the Block." This is a must read for any new parent. He has put together the 5 S's:

  • Swaddling
  • Side Lying
  • Shushing
  • Swinging
  • Sucking

    Putting this recipe together with the right technique will ensure your baby's bliss.

    SWADDLE: Swaddling simulates the secure and comfortable feeling your baby experiences in the womb. It also helps your baby stay asleep by reducing sudden arm and leg movements (startle reflexes).

    The Tulip Grove's top "best moms picks" for swaddle blankets:

  • Miracle Blanket: (
    The Miracle blanket is a swaddle blanket with a patented design that provides parents with an easy 4 steps to a perfect swaddle. Retail price $32; Buy at

  • The Ultimate Swaddle Blanket: (
    It is the perfect square 42x42 which makes easy for swaddling. The blanket is preshrunk and the instructions are SEWN on the blanket for quick reference in a new parent sleep deprived state. It is a 3 step design. It was designed by mom. Retail: $25; Buy at

  • Aden and Anis: (
    This is used by moms that are "in the know" of the best baby products. This is a staple in Australian which is how it was brought here to the US. Two Australian moms found nothing in the US market for Muslin blankets that were the right size or the right materials. They decided to make their own blankets and formed their own company. This blanket is so functional in so many different ways. First and foremost it is lightweight, stretchy, open weave fabric that makes for a secure swaddle. Second, it makes for a great "sun protecter" or shade over the stroller. This blanket comes in a pack of 4 for $45; Buy at

    All these swaddle blankets are also available for purchase at The Tulip Grove.

    Jen Frick, Chief Founding Mom:
    Jen Frick brings 10 years of experience in healthcare specializing in infants, children and pre and postnatal education. Prior to founding The Tulip Grove, Jen worked in management and lead positions at Alta Bates Hospital and Children's Hospital Oakland. A Registered Respiratory Therapist, Jen has helped hundreds of children at critical moments in the Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She has also lead educational conferences and presentations for other healthcare providers. As a pre and postnatal fitness instructor, a support group leader, lactation counselor and Stroller Strides franchise owner, she has helped expectant and new moms navigate the changes and experiences woman encounter through pregnancy, childbirth and life with a newborn. Originally from Indiana, Jen lives in the Montclair area and is a mother of two (Penny, 4 and Elliot, 1). Jen received her B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Indiana University and an A.S. in Respiratory Therapy, specializing in neonatal and pediatrics. She also completed the Lactation Counselor program through University California in San Diego. She serves as an adjunct professor at Napa Valley College and has presented at national healthcare and fitness conferences. She has also published articles in e-pregnancy magazine and the Journal of Respiratory Care.

    About The Tulip Grove:
    Founded by young moms, The Tulip Grove was conceived by best friends Jen and Victoria (Vic), who came up with the idea of a resource center after having their first children and spending many hours on each other's sofas during maternity leave. As busy new moms, they were frustrated by the lack of educational resources, support groups, and comfortable places for new parents to "just be" with their babies. With more than 25 combined years of experience in education, fitness & nutrition, and business management, Jen and Victoria are parents of four healthy and happy children. They strongly believe that by creating The Tulip Grove for pre- and post-natal women-offering an array of pregnancy, child birthing and parenting classes with a retail component for the absolute essentials, many women will take advantage of this invaluable local resource center. The Tulip Grove is a friendly, trusted resource center designed to help new parents educate themselves, get much needed advice and find the absolute essentials for baby.

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