Humidifiers put to the test


"If the air in your house is too dry and the humidity is under 30 percent, it can cause, or even worsen conditions like allergies, itchy eyes, bronchitis, even nose bleeds," said Carolyn Forte, Good Housekeeping.

The researchers liked the "Honeywell Cool-Mist HCM-300T."

"This model raised the humidity in our test chamber room to 50 percent in under a half an hour, and it also has a UV Light to disinfect the water," said Forte.

Also high on the list is the "Ultrasonic Air-O-Swiss AOS 7144."

"What we like about this model is that it uses either warm or cool mist. There are no filters to change and it contains silver ions, which have been shown to control and prevent microbial growth," said Forte.

For those who like quieter models, look for ultrasonic humidifiers. Their fans are smaller and there's no gurgling water.

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