Carlos Santana focuses on charity work


"$100,000. The first installment to the Milagro Foundation," said a Samsung representative.

Samsung presented a check to Carlos Santana in front of enthusiastic students at Davidson Middle School. The Milagro Foundation was formed in 1998 to bring arts and education to young people.

"The best way to do it is to just roll up your sleeves like Mother Theresa and just bring to them three things. Hope, trust, and faith in themselves," said Carlos Santana, a musician and humanitarian.

"Caring for them, nurturing them in mind, body, and spirit," said a Milagro video.

Milagro means 'miracle' and that's what's the group has been doing for 10 years. Making miracles happen and changing children's lives.

One the group they've assisted is the Performing Stars of Marin City. Its success is all about developing youngsters' self-esteem and a chance to experience the arts. For Santana, it's to instill an education in spirituality.

"To be kind to one another, to be gently with one another, to respect one another is the best spirituality we can share in this planet," said Santana.

For Carlos Santana, there is always the music. He has just released a new album called "Multi- Dimensional Warrior," and wrapped up an eight-month world tour.

"It's almost like music is incidental, like with the Grateful Dead. People just came together to celebrate," said Santana.

Carlos says he's going to retire in seven years and open a church on Maui. Will that happen?

"That's part of my vision, but every time I tell God, he starts laughing. That's what I want, but we'll see what god wants," said Santana.

Milagro Foundation

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