Prop 8 draws many rallies around the bay


There were several rallies all around the bay, including one in the Castro District that was surprisingly put on by the "No On Prop 8" Campaign. The reason is because, even though the crowd is obviously already sympathetic to same sex marriage, but they want to make sure that a "no" vote means yes to same-sex marriage. There has been some confusion that seems to be just another hurdle to clean up before November 4th.

With 10 days before Election Day, the campaigns for and against Prop 8 are in full force.

"A family should be a father and a mother, and children," said a Prop 8 supporter.

"I've never felt so personally targeted in my life," said a Prop 8 opponent.

"It's not about rights, it's about what a traditional marriage really is," said a Prop 8 supporter.

"There's nothing about our relationship that is going to take anything away from anybody else's," a Prop 8 opponent.

"This could begin to tear us apart and this could move the state in the wrong direction," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.

Mayor Newsom weighed in on Saturday, in a debate in which he has become a polarizing figure. The mayor is featured in commercials promoting the prop even though he's against it.

"You can splice anything and you can organize anything. People want to use politicians. It's not about politicians, it's about a principle," said Mayor Newsom.

And he says the choice is clear.

"Voting yes on 8 means taking people's rights away, that are legally being allowed today. Voting no 8 rejects the idea the we need to change the Constitution to take rights away from people," said Newsom.

People like an Oakland couple, planning on getting married next Friday.

"We're very happy, but it is a shotgun wedding being somewhat dictated by the fact that, if Prop 8 happens we do not want to be waiting while it takes its path through the various courts," said Michael Weiss, who is planning a same-sex wedding.

However, while the couple is planning for marital bliss. There are people who are standing on street corners from Daly City to San Mateo, saying it's wrong.

"Our children should be taught in a way that a mother and a father should be in a home and that's the way marriage is," said Joe Taumalolo, from "Yes On Prop 8."

"If the home is good, the whole community will be good, and the whole state will be good, and the whole world will be perfect," said Mele Langi, from "Yes On Prop 8."

They got a fair amount of supportive horn honks, but they also took some verbal abuse from several cars passing by.

"It's their choice. We have nothing to do other than say, 'Have a nice day. Have a good day. Oh, we love you,'" said Langi.

And to a same-sex couple, love is what it's all about.

"It's a little bitter sweet to feel we have to rush it and do it on Friday just because this election is happening on Tuesday, but we both couldn't be happier," said Douglas Lee, who is planning a same-sex wedding.

As the campaigns continue, they are collecting big name and big dollar support, especially the no campaign which has collected a surge in donations over the past week.

The Proposition 8 debate, is setting fundraising records. A new analysis, by the Associated Press shows both sides have amassed a total of more than $57 million which is the most ever for a ballot initiative dealing with a social issue.

So far Prop 8 supporters have raised at least $27 million to ban same-sex marriage. Opponents have taken in $29 million to battle the initiative that's getting worldwide attention. 41,000 people from 17 foreign countries and all 50 states. Have contributed to this divisive issue.

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