CHP needs help closing hit and run case

November 25, 2008 11:50:10 PM PST
East Bay investigators believe they know the make of a hit and run vehicle that struck and killed a cyclist Tuesday night. Officers got several leads after handing out fliers at the crash scene. The CHP says the driver was likely in a Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

He took up cycling to help his two sons get in shape, but 49-year-old Mark Pendleton, loved it so much he ended up on the Wells Fargo team, competing in category three races.

"He was the one up ahead, while I was the one falling off the back of the group," said Paul Pendleton, the victim's son.

Tuesday night, CHP investigators are gathering pieces of evidence in the hit-and-run accident that killed Pendleton, including what looks like part of a tinted bug deflector found at the scene.

"Maybe a parts counter person or a sales person might be able to identify the make and model," said Officer Scott Yox, from the CHP.

Pendleton was struck, head on, while riding a stretch of McEwen Road, north of Highway 4 near Martinez. It was dark when the accident happened between 5 and 6 o'clock Monday night, along the road that leads to Port Costa. Pendleton had reflectors, but no lights.

"He had a time change at work and a time change with the darkness outside, but he never road in the dark. He was trying to get home by dark," said Denise Pendleton, the victim's wife.

CHP investigators think the driver may have driven a straight line through an "S" curve, ending up in the other lane, and struck Pendleton head-on.

"There's not a lot of space on the road, but the spot where he was hit was actually one of the less dangerous spots on the ride," said Paul Pendleton.

Late Tuesday night the CHP narrowed the search down to a Chevy Silverado pickup truck. It may have some front end damage and the driver could be from Port Costa or Crockett.

If you think you have any information that may help this investigation. Please call any of the following numbers.

(925) 646-4980
(707) 551-4100
1-888-301- 4CHP