South Bay lawmakers want foreclosure help


Inside a downtown San Jose church, people in need asked for help.

"If I don't find any help, next is foreclosure or I'm out of the house," said Roberto Huerta, a homeowner.

The ones they're turning to for help, are federal, state, and local lawmakers. People Acting in Community Together, or P.A.C.T., asked government leaders to answer straight forward questions from their constituents.

"We're voters and they know that if they don't listen, they'll have trouble getting our votes next time around," said Charlotte Gogstetter, from P.A.C.T.

San Jose councilman Sam Liccardo was asked if he'll vote for more affordable housing.

"Not only will I happily vote for it, I'll jump up and down if this passes," said Liccardo.

While state officials fielded the tougher questions about temporarily freezing foreclosures and forcing lenders to work with home owners through the crisis.

"The answer again is yes from both Jim Bell and myself," said Assm. Joe Coto (D) from San Jose.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) of California called for similar changes last month during a special session with the legislature. At that time he asked for loan modifications and a moratorium on foreclosures, but no formal legislation was ever drafted. Now Assemblyman Coto will ask the state to back a 180 day moratorium on foreclosures.

Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren will also ask Capitol Hill for financial help.

"One of the things I hope to insist on in the stimulus package is concrete steps to help homeowners be a part of that package," said Lofgren.

"I want to fight for my house," said Huerta.

After the meeting Huerta hoped he'll be armed with new policy and not just promises.

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