Off-duty officer involved in shooting


According to the CHP, the shooting started shortly after 1:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning on the Golden Gate Bridge.

It involved a red Toyota with a San Francisco off-duty lieutenant and a green pick-up truck. The passenger window came down on the green pick-up after there was some honking and cutting off with each other's vehicles and the guy in the passenger seat on the pick-up had a gun and waved it towards the off-duty police officer.

They went over the Golden Gate Bridge and the window comes down again and the gun is pointed at the red car, and that is when the off-duty lieutenant pulled out his gun pointed and fired his weapon towards the other vehicle.

According to investigators, it does not appear anyone was hurt. Once the lieutenant got to Marin County, he called 911 and gave authorities the car description of a green Ford pick-up truck with two white males inside.

They searched through local emergency rooms and it appears that no one was wounded -- at least nobody is reporting a gunshot wound at any of the local emergency rooms.

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