Woman fights for missing headrests

December 31, 2008 7:06:59 PM PST
Headrests are supposed to be standard in the back seats of many mini-vans.

So, when a San Bruno woman bought a used van without them, she made the dealership promise they would get some for her.

One of the main reason many families with young children drive minivans is for their safety.

One mother of three was determined to ensure her children were safe. Yolanda Fortuna has a 7-year old, a 9-year old and a 12-year old. She worried about them every time she drove her van.

"If they're sitting here and I was to be rear ended, or run into another car, their head, they could get whiplash or severe back damage. And, their head would go back this way," she said.

It is a scene played out countless times over the years in safety videos shown by insurance companies and safety groups.

A sales person at Elite Motors in Daly City remembers Yolanda very well.

"She pointed out the head rests were missing and I told her usually the cars are as is. But, I'll do my best to get her the things she wanted," said Elite Motors employee Joe Halloway.

He promised to get her a used set, but he said the right color never came in. Yolanda made inquiry after inquiry but says she got nowhere.

"I warned her from day one when she got the car, when she found out the headrests were missing. I told her it's going to take some time," Halloway told ABC7.

After five months of waiting she contacted 7 on Your Side, and we contacted the dealership.

"Magic happened and all of a sudden they had a van with the same material," said Fortuna.

She received her headrests three weeks after contacting 7 on Your Side.

"Of course I was very happy. I was very grateful to 7 on Your Side for helping me," she recalled.