Woman kidnapped during robbery

December 31, 2008 7:31:00 PM PST
San Rafael Police are looking for two men who went into the New Day Health Massage Parlor Christmas Eve armed with a handgun.

Police are asking the public for help regarding the crime that started on Redwood Highway in San Rafael and ended in Point Richmond.

Around 5:30 p.m. on December 24th, two men went to the small office complex and entered the massage parlor. The men pulled out a gun and demanded cash from three employees. They took one employee, a 37-year old woman, and forced her into their car then drove off.

Surveillance cameras captured both suspects. Police are checking to see if this incident is related to any similar crimes in the area.

"Employees were very frightened, very frightened of the men and the fact that the one man was armed. The victim herself does not speak English and was dropped off in Point Richmond shortly after the crime, but had no idea where she was," said Margo Rohrbacher with the San Rafael Police Department.

The woman was not hurt. People in Point Richmond helped her call police and get home.

The suspects were seen leaving in a vehicle that was parked at the massage parlor on Redwood Highway. It is described as a Honda Element, possibly two-toned, with over-sized chrome aftermarket wheels. It was last seen on Washington Avenue in Point Richmond.

The first suspect is a Hispanic or light-skinned black male standing 5'8" tall and weighing approximately 300 pounds. He was wearing Bob Marley tee shirt, a dark jacket and long blue jean shorts. He has a shaved head and a mole above his left temple. He also wears a small goatee but has no moustache.

The second suspect is a black male about 6'4" tall and weighing around 200 pounds. He was wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, a blue jacket and baggy blue jeans. He was also armed with a black semi-automatic handgun.