Gadgets to keep you on track in 2009

January 6, 2009 4:24:10 PM PST
We have the latest technology to help you keep your New Year's resolutions. Tech expert Brian M. Westbrook lists the gadgets and resources to keep you on track in 2009.


Track your run's distance, calories burned, and pace while challenging others online with Nike Plus for your running shoe and iPod.

H20 Underwater Amphibx iPod Case
Swimmers, surfers, anyone that enjoys water-aerobic activity can take their tunes with them safely sealed inside these innovative cases. New 2009 designs are more universal and less clunky than last year's models.
Price: $130


Watts Up Pro Power Consumption Meter/Calculator
The first step in saving electricity is knowing how much you're using. The Watts Up Pro power meter plugs into a standard outlet, your household appliance plugs into the meter and an on-screen display shows current consumption, monthly cost, and average draw. Finding power-hungry devices can help you upgrade to more efficient models or manage their use better. Reducing your power use saves the earth andlowers your bill. Save the earth AND money!
$95 - $235
The "ebay for handmade products". A clever site lets you buy all things handmade and pick where the product originated. Get to know sellers in your area, buy local to reduce your carbon footprint, or use the color-picker to find the right art, jewelry or other handmade product. Website:

Online resource new to SF-area: find classes to learn something new, or teach others and learn a little extra cash. Free for teachers and students, a perfect resource for those who set a goal to learn something(s) new in 2009. Also great for those looking for a new job.


SmartShopper Shopping list manager
Speak the name of the product you are running low on into the SmartShopper and it will remember for you. When you're ready to hit the store, the list prints by store aisle saving you time and money.
Price: $100

Jenda lifetime voice calendar
Magnetic-mount voice-activated calendar keeps track of annual appointments and upcoming to-dos. Speak your reminder into the Jenda and it will track by day lighting up when you have an activity that day.
Price: $39.95

About Brian M. Westbrook:
Brian covers technology for KATU-TV (ABC, Portland) and KOMO-TV (ABC, Seattle) and host a technology show on Newsradio 750 KXL-AM, Portland. He is a regular contributor to KATU's AM Northwest and the now-defunct Northwest Afternoon, KOMO.