Kid recipe: Shrimp with green beans

January 9, 2009 4:49:38 PM PST
Shrimp with green beans in Thai red curry sauce takes less than 20 minutes to make and costs less than $20 dollars for 4 servings. Ria Sim from Twigs Studio in Danville shares this delicious recipe she's taught her son to make as he prepares for college.

Shrimp with green beans in Thai red curry sauce over jasmine rice
Serves: 4
Each serving is $3.75

1 lbs frozen raw shrimp
5 oz Thai Red Curry Sauce (found at your local grocery store and Trader Joes)
1 bag mini green beans (microwave in a bag version - found at your local grocery store)
4 pouches of frozen organic jasmine Rice (Trader Joes)

Heat your non-stick sauté pan and spray with non-stick oil

Take the frozen shrimp and stir fry (cook for about 5-6 minutes)

Take the pouch of mini green beans. Snipped the corner of the bag and heat in the microwave (while in the bag) for 3 minutes

Continue to sauté the shrimp

Remove the mini green beans and cut green beans in half

Place pouch of frozen organic rice (snipped corner of baggie) in the microwave for 3 minutes

Add cooked and cut green beans to the shrimp stir fry

Pour 5 oz of Thai red curry sauce onto the shrimp and green beans. Cook until you see the sauce bubble

Remove the rice from the microwave. Plate rice and pour the shrimp, green beans in Thai red curry over rice

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