Stanford student goes to inauguration

January 12, 2009 7:29:07 PM PST
Getting those coveted inauguration tickets can depend on who you know, but Congressman Mike Honda gave away some of his tickets based on the creative ideas of his constituents. One Stanford student rapped her way into the inauguration audience.

Amani Green is a Stanford Student who voted for the first time in November. Her ticket to watch President-elect Barack Obama take office is a rapping video.

"My name is Amani. It means aspirations. I'll tell you why I want to go to the inauguration," said Green in her rap.

Congressman Mike Honda had 198 inauguration tickets. He wanted to give some of them to go to constitutions who submitted innovative ideas to reform education and some to constitutions who were just creative with their requests.

The congressman set up a Facebook account and launched a contest.

"That is amazing. I am so glad I got a ticket," said Green.

Green's video kicked off a ceremony today to congratulate ten lucky winners.

"I saw him on TV. I saw him on the debates and whenever I saw Barack Obama I wouldn't wait, to get back to the US and yell and scream and shout, Barack Hussein Obama is what this country is all about," said Green in her rap.

Three of the ticket winners had more serious entries on how to improve education in America.

"Basically the concept is a national multi-media data base for curriculum," said Barbara Hibino, an education company founder.

One of the ticket holders says she'll be documenting her experience for all to watch on the web.

"Everyone is going to be following along turning in, hoping to get comments and interest and interview people out there," said Kaitlyn Osborn-Brown, a Facebook entry winner.

Green not only got two tickets to the inauguration, but on Monday she got a round of applause.

"So Congressman Mike Honda, I thank you for your time and I think those tickets should be mine," said Green.

It's safe to say the picture taking has just begun.