4 ways to being a better parent

January 23, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
You've made a promise to yourself this year to be a better parent. So now where do you start? Sharing some great ideas is parenting editor for Yahoo! Shine, Charlene Birkeland.

Read Charlene's article about being a better parent at Yahoo! Shine here.

You can also find Charlene at crazedparent.org.

Charlene's Tips (The 4 L's )

· Lighten Up - It's easy to get into a "cranky rut" when you're child is doing something they shouldn't. Before getting angry, take a moment, and relax.

· Let it Go - Parent's are often juggling their family, work, and "adult" responsibilities. Sometimes the best advice is to "let it go" and spend time with your kids when they ask for help. You'll always have work to do, household chorus, but how many amazing moments will you choose to miss because of them?

· Listen - Instead of preparing your monologue about how much trouble your kid is in, listen to him. Also listen to how your children interact together or how they interact with friends - you'll find yourself smiling at their banter.

· Laugh, often.