Improve your sewing skills at home

January 26, 2009 4:32:40 PM PST
Sewing your own clothes can not only save you money, but it can be easy and fun! Sewing book author and teacher Sandra Betzina can get you sewing in no time at all.

A few of Sandra's tricks at the machine:

  • Numbering the thread guides with tape

  • Wet back of needle with finger and cut thread on an angle for easier threading

  • Even seams with the aid of a magnetic seam guide

  • Be sure to use the correct needle for the fabric

  • Buy extra bobbins to have on hand and make sure you have the right size for your machine.
Want to learn to sew?
Get a copy of Sandra's book "Fear of Sewing" | Buy the book on Amazon

Want to become an even better sewer?
Get a copy of Sandra's book "More Fabric Savvy" | Buy the book on Amazon

Sandra Betzina just launched a new Web TV show called "Power Sewing."

She's also created dozens of instructional books, DVDS and classes. The information can be found on her website:

Phone: 415-876-2434