Navigating through female jealousy

February 3, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
It's sad, but true, women can be very mean to other women. You may have experienced this at work, in social circles, or at the PTA. Jodi Wing, author of "The Art of Social War," has advice on surviving and thriving with women behaving badly.

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About "The Art of Social War": By Jodi Wing

Jodi Wing's debut novel: "The Art of Social War" is a hilarious, delectable and dishy novel about Hollywood high society, in the tradition of Gigi Grazer's The Starter Wife.

Soon to me made into a major motion picture from Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, producer of films such as Maid in Manhattan, Mona Lisa Smile, and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, "The Art of Social War" is the story of 35-year old Stacey Knight, a die-hard New York woman who wants nothing more than to marry her adored fiancé, Jamey, and continue to succeed in her career running the "I Heart New York" campaign.

Her future shines as bright as the Chrysler Building until Jamey's company, a global media firm, acquires a badly run Hollywood film studio, Pacificus Entertainment, and a condition of the deal is that Jamey assume the position of CEO to orchestrate the company's turn-around. And thus, the unthinkable happens: Jamey and Stacey must relocate to LA. Los Angeles- "LaLa Land," "Tinseltown;" to Stacey it's merely 'that odd patch of something blond and shallow six whole hours away by plane.' Will everything Stacey's worked so hard to become and achieve be lost in translation?

Soon the unwitting newlyweds realize they have landed in a Technicolor, high-stakes Social War, pursued by ruthless power-brokers in the film demimonde: Sin-Eating-Overlord Simon Mallis and his Trophy Wife-with-Tenure, Julia. At once seduced and repelled by the rigid caste system and predatory aspect of Hollywood life, Stacey navigates a sea of unsubtle cultural mores, confusing social obstacles, packs of wild coyotes (literally) and extremely bad behavior.

Empowered by 2,500-year-old military strategist Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Stacey takes control of the "War Game" and learns that she must adapt if they are to survive, and attack (cleverly, of course, and always in stilettos) if they are to thrive. Let the war games begin!

Jodi Wing was born and raised in New York. She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband. "The Art of Social War" is her first novel. Witty, smart, and brimming with behind-the-scene intrigue, "The Art of Social War" is both a cautionary tale of what goes on inside the gates of Hollywood and a fiercely entertaining portrayal of what happens when "East meets West."

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About Jodi Wing:
A born and raised New Yorker and a graduate of Colgate university (Go Gate!), Jodi lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Andy. After bitching and moaning her way through her debut novel, '"The Art of Social War"' (Harper Collins) she has managed to overcome her initial bout of culture shock (read: misery) and is now a semi-passionate Angeleno (what can I say? I like the weather!) When she is not tending to her Margarita Tree and her Guacamole Tree or listening (of course) to Stevie Nicks on the outdoor speakers, she is (mostly) hard at work on a sequel (oh, just wait 'til you see what happens!) as well as another project, entitled 'Brenda, Three Faces Ago.'