Plasma customer contacts congresswoman

February 5, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
If you have an appliance under warranty it should be no problem to get it fixed, but one consumer had such a frustrating time trying to invoke a warranty on his $4,000 plasma TV that he actually went to his congresswoman for help. And ultimately the congresswoman referred him to 7 On Your Side.

Normally, extended warranties are not worth it, but in this case, 7 On Your Side helped make sure it worked out.

Ralph Eisman never realized how much he relied on television, until the day his plasma TV screen went blank.

"Dead. No picture. Just sound," said Eisman.

He could hear the programs all right, but he couldn't see a thing. That made watching TV more like watching a radio, with less dialogue.

"Your imagination tries to fill in the blanks, but you don't get too far. Hmm... what does that look like or what would that look like?" said Eisman.

Ralph's TV was still covered under his extended warranty from Best Buy. So the store sent a repairman, who ordered a new part for the TV, but never returned returned. Best Buy said it could not find that new part. Ralph waited for weeks, but there was still no repair, and he was missing some major events on TV.

"The plane landing on the Hudson. You know that was an amazing feat. I didn't get to see any of that," said Eisman.

And of course there was that matter of the nation's first African-American president.

"I missed the inauguration, you know, a historic event," said Eisman.

Ralph was getting fed up trying to imagine what these events looked like. So he called Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office.

"They suggested I call 7 On Your Side," said Eisman.

He did and 7 On Your Side contacted Best Buy. It said Ralph should indeed get a new TV under his warranty and apologized for the delay. Within days, the store took away his old set, installed a new one and gave Ralph $850 worth of gift cards for the inconvenience.

"Hey, I really got to thank 7 On Your Side or I'd still be without a picture. This is great," said Eisman.

7 On Your Side thanks to Best Buy for stepping up to the plate and wants to send a big thank you to Congresswoman Jackie Speier for sending Ralph to 7 On Your Side for assistance.