Meet the 'Coupon Queen'

February 5, 2009 6:53:50 PM PST
Most of you probably use a coupon now and then to save a few cents, but are you really saving as much as you could be?

Chances are you aren't saving as much as the "Coupon Queen." Angie Childs goes to the supermarket with portable file cabinets filled with coupons.

She orders six Sunday papers a week, and browses coupon web sites. On this day she bought $220 worth of groceries for just $19.

Still, that's nothing compared to what she did in November when she ended up getting money back taking advantage of double coupon day.

"It was 107 percent savings, $81.17. They paid me $3.94. It was like playing the lottery and winning every time," said Angie Childs, the "Coupon Queen."

Angie tells us that two-for-one offers can also be very lucrative.