Woman spits at police officer

February 7, 2009 1:16:23 PM PST
A belligerent Santa Rosa woman was arrested Thursday after she screamed obscenities at members of the public, threatened to fight anyone in the area, resisted arrest and spit in an officer's face, according to police.

Officers from the Downtown Enforcement Team responded to Old Courthouse Square at the intersection of Fourth Street and Mendocino Avenue at around 11:40 a.m. when a woman was reported to be yelling obscenities and challenging passers-by to fight, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department.

When police made contact with Alicia Rose Phinezz, 30, she was violating a city ordinance by smoking in Old Courthouse square, and was reported to be yelling "I'll kick your ass, let's fight" and various profanities.

Approached by officers when she allegedly refused to stop smoking, Phinezz challenged police to fight her and then physically resisted any attempt to be detained, at one point even spitting in an officer's face, according to police.

Phinezz continued to threaten police and attempt to fight, and it was only when officer's used a "control hold" method of physical subjugation that Phinezz was taken into custody, according to police. Ultimately police arrested the woman and booked her at Sonoma County Jail for violating a city ordinance, challenging to fight in public, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer.

Anyone with information regarding this suspect or the circumstances of her arrest is asked to contact Santa Rosa Police Department at (707) 543-3600.