Web site maps out Prop 8 donors

February 10, 2009 12:08:46 AM PST
Yelling for your cause is one thing, but Bill Turrentine says getting personal is quite another.

"Somebody in my town printed up a flyer and that said "bigot" and had my picture and name on it," he said.

Turrentine donated to the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign and now eightmaps.com shows how much he gave, where he works and where he lives. He thinks it steps over the line.

"I'm willing to listen to their arguments too and weigh them, but to try and make it where people are living in fear, that is like Sen. McCarthy, chasing people down and persecuting them because of their political beliefs," Turrentine said.

Gay marriage activist Molly McKay does not understand why people are so upset; she views the Web site not as a method of intimidation, but as a tool for her cause.

"It's interesting to see Prop 8 proponents, who actually stripped gay people and their families of rights, are claiming victim status when they're the real bullies in this play," McKay said. "This is where we need to maybe go bring over a pie sit down and say, 'you know, Prop 8 really hurt my family.'"

Peter Scheer feels stuck in the middle on the issue. As the executive director of the California First Amendment Coalition he is against secrecy in the government, but the Web site makes him uncomfortable, he does not want people to feel scared to donate money.

"Everybody has a right to participate in the political process, that is the most fundamental, crucial right of all," Scheer said.

Eightmaps.com has Scheer thinking that maybe the law should be amended, that maybe people who donate less than $500 should be able to do so anonymously. Supporters of Prop 8 have asked a judge to do just that.