Getting beyond uncertainty

February 10, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
Getting beyond uncertainty: How you can give hope to your kids during these challenging times, especially when you, yourself, are feeling scared.

1. Live in the Now

Accept what's happening today (example: my boss is cutting my hours or I've lost money in investments). Accept the things we cannot change in life.

Change what you can in your own life versus getting caught up in the world's problems (ex: look at trimming family expenses versus panicking about the national economy)

Keep it all in perspective... Give thanks for what's working in your life (a roof over your head, good health, nutrition, etc.) "When we've lost our money, we have lost nothing, when we lose our motivation, we've have lost half, and when we lose our will to continue, THEN we have lost everything"

2. Forgiveness is Key

This is a perfect time to look and see if you're holding onto emotional grudges against others, for example your boss, the State government for keeping your income tax return or your spouse for not helping with certain household chores. Holding on to these grudges can have a negative impact on all your relationships, including your children. What sort of behavior are you modeling for your children?

Forgiveness is not weak. It can actually be the most powerful action you can take because the most important person on this list to forgive could be you. By forgiving, we are doing our part individually to bring about peace in the world.

3. Focus on Service

Ask how you can be of service to others versus what you can get from them. "Life is for-giving and nor for-getting." By applying this in all areas of your life, your happiness will grow exponentially. You will have more to give to your family. And, also you can model a lifestyle for your children that may give them a lifetime of happiness.

4. Every Moment is an opportunity to LOVE...

Challenging times like today are a huge opportunity for parents to model love, resilience, and faith for their children. It's the simple things like sharing a family meal, or precious one on one time with your children that really matters when things are shaky and times are tough. Schools teach children facts and figures. Mothers are the ones who teach children about love and shine a light on the true essence of their child's nature.

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