'Very Innovative Product' award winners

February 10, 2009 9:18:37 AM PST
It's time for the VIP Awards -- for Very Innovative Products. The winners in the category of electronics and entertainment says they're all about making your life easier.

Good Housekeeping says all the new VIP award winners help you do things other products can't. The first winner has helped with the rescue of 60 people.

"There's a new GPS system on the market called the spot satellite messenger. It can send messages to people back home, letting them know you're ok or asking for help. There's even a 911 button that sends a signal out to international rescue towers," said Stacy Genovese, Good Housekeeping Institute.

If you have kids, chances are you've heard about the Nintendo Wii Fit. The video simulator is also popular with adults and runs you through among other things yoga, aerobics and strength training exercises.

"This product earned a VIP Award because of a really cool new feature. The Eye-Fi share card wirelessly uploads photos from the camera onto your computer seamlessly. It's also able to wirelessly upload onto photo sharing sites such as Kodak Gallery or Snapfish.com," said Rachel Rothman, Good Housekeeping Institute.

We have one more winner. Amazon's Kindle is an electronic tablet that lets you read books and newspapers electronically. You can also adjust the size of type, make notes and read the first chapter of the book before deciding to buy it.