Dress up a cake with fondant

February 10, 2009 4:00:05 PM PST
Christian Roder, of San Rafael, recently started his own custom-designed cake business called Krumbs Cakes. His edible works-of-art are amazing, and he gets rave reviews all the time from his customers. Now he has tips on how to create more than an average cake at home and get the major "wow" factor from your guests on not only taste, but appearance.

Fondant Recipe:

1 bag Marshmallows (= 16 oz)
6 cups Powder Sugar (= 32 oz)
1 oz water
Corn Starch for dusting

Heat the Marshmallows in a big plastic bowl (Marshmallows will expand when heated) with the water for 2 minutes

In the meantime, measure the powder sugar in a stainless steel bowl of a mixer (Kitchen Aid). Combine warm Marshmallows and sugar with the hook attachment at second slowest gear.

If too dry sprinkle a little more water. Let it mix until smooth and stringy.

Scrape the fondant out of the bowl on a work area dusted with corn starch, work out any air bubbles and wrap tightly in food film and let cool.

About Christian Roder
Christian Roder has an extensive background as executive chef and pastry chef. He was born and raised in Austria, a country reknowned for their pastries. At a young age, Christian realized his love for cooking (and eating) the wonderful array of fresh pastries. He used to help his grandmother in the kitchen make strudles and cakes. He has trained under some of the best Chefs in Austria. He's worked at five star restaurants, hotels, and even a cruise ship.
Website: www.krumbscakes.com