Feng Shui your bedroom

February 13, 2009 4:10:50 PM PST
Decor and products that make your room the perfect place to fall asleep.

Items featured in this segment:

From IKEA:

  • Customized Pillows ($7.99-$59.99) Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach--whether you like a down filled or synthetic--you can customize your pillow. IKEA makes it super easy to figure out which one is right for you

  • Pillow tops ($49-$129) Most people think you have to buy a mattress with an attached pillow top, but you can buy them separately. All different thicknesses and firmness.

  • Adjustable quilts ($59.99) A quilt that comes in 2 pieces, use 2 in cold weather and 1 in warm weather.
From Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Black out curtains ($39.99)

  • High end sheets for less ($69.99-$99.99)

  • White noise machines

  • Aromatherapy
From World Market
  • Candles