Colorado sends CA a Valentine

February 13, 2009 12:00:00 AM PST
The state of Colorado is getting in the Valentine's Day mood, flirting with California. Colorado is sending valentines to CEOs, placing ads in newspapers, and even flying banners over rush hour traffic. It's all to lure our best people and companies away.

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The Denver Economic Development Corporation has created a cheerful video of happy people sending love notes for Valentine's Day. They're sending them to California CEOs to try and lure them away from California and some economists say we should be nervous.

Click here to watch California's valentine

"This is a wake-up call, a wake-up valentine, that tells us we've got to get sharp about how we treat companies," says Professor Terry Connelly, the business school dean of Golden Gate University.

Connelly says as the legislature keeps fighting over a budget and companies keep wondering what kind of taxes they'll face, it's a perfect opportunity for other states to turn on the charm.

"And that's what Colorado and certain other states are trying to exploit here as they see us going through our budget crisis for the fifteenth straight week," says Connelly.

Colorado officials insist Californians started heading to the mountains on their own. They decided to create this campaign after California companies started calling about relocating or expanding to Colorado.

"So the thought was, we have to go back to the golden state to respond to these folks who are looking to move to Colorado," says Tom Clark, from the Metro Denver EDC.

They're acting nice, but some say they're kicking California when it's down and pouncing on the fact that 144,000 people left the golden state last year for jobs. Economists just hope CEOs will look around at the state's assets and decide to stay put and that legislators won't give them a reason to leave.
Click here to watch California's valentine

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