Teacher's blog sparks anti-cutback campaign

February 25, 2009 7:42:07 PM PST
These are stressful times for educators from budget cuts to teacher layoffs and schools closing. So the California Teachers Association has come up with a way to keep teachers informed about these developments every minute of the day, by using a new social networking website.

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Sara Husokowski is a teacher in Union City. When she realized how the state budget cuts would affect her students she took to the streets and then the Internet.

"So Robin and I walked around 15th Street after school and spoke to our neighbors here," said Husokowski on an Internet video.

The campaign is called "Walk-n-talk" and the idea is to go door to door convincing neighbors to call on Sacramento lawmakers to oppose the school budget cuts.

"We're really struggling and our kids are getting affected by all these budget cuts and especially the projected cuts for next year is going to hurt them even more, so we wanted to let them know," said Husokowski.

She posted her campaign on the California Teachers Association's new social networking website: pinkfriday09.org

The California Teachers Association named the website PinkFriday09 because Friday, March 13 is the deadline districts have for issuing pick slips to teachers.

The website keeps teachers informed of the number of pink slips handed out so far, school closures and scheduled events such as rallies. Teachers can even post their blogs, pictures and videos.

Becky Worley is a technology contributor with ABC's Good Morning America.

"Gone are the days of the phone tree, of sort to Norma Ray on the table with the sign. We are really talking about using new technologies to organize large groups very quickly," said Worley.

Other teachers say staying informed has never been easier.

"I think there is an energy that gets passed on from that, immediate kind of message," said Robin Gwinner a teacher.

The Walk-n-Talk campaign is now being used by other teachers at other schools after seeing it on the website.

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