Top consumer complaints for 2008

February 26, 2009 8:06:24 PM PST
The federal government received more than a million consumer complaints last year.

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In all, the Federal Trade Commission received 1.2 million complaints in 2008. Below are the top five.

No. 5: Counterfeit check scams. If you get a check in the mail for a contest you don't remember entering, it's probably not a good check.

No. 4: Internet services.

No. 3: Shop at home and catalog sales.

No. 2: Debt collectors.

No. 1: Identity theft.

By far, the number one complaint filed by consumers in 2008 was identity theft -- one out of every four complaints filed.

You might remember back in January 7 On Your Side reported on the story of Rick Naff of Belmont who found out his Social Security number had been sold to at least nine people. The FTC says it is all too common.

"We do know that identity theft continues to be a major problem. millions of consumers have been victimized, and the Social Security number plays a big role in those cases of theft," said Christopher Olsen with the FTC.

Since reporting the story, Naff has been getting regular credit reports. He has checked his Social Security statement going back several years and so far he has found no unusual activity.

But he now feels better prepared if something does happen.

ID theft resources:

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