Little league theft jeopardizes season

March 12, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
About 150 Vallejo little leaguers may not get to play baseball this year. Someone broke into their league office and stole all of their uniforms and vandalized equipment. Still somehow the league hopes to save the season.

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Vallejo little league kids are practicing hard in the hopes of winning another All-Star trophy this year. However, the one they earned last year is now smashed to bits and is destroyed by someone who broke into their league's concession building.

"Whoever did this I really don't like what they did because they might ruin our season," says Austin Santos, a baseball player.

Whoever raided the building broke the leagues' computers and cash registers and stole all of the uniforms for the league's 150 players and all of their gear. It would cost close to $4,000 to replace it all and their games start next month.

"I don't think there's going to be a season," says a baseball player.

"It means my life grew up my whole life playing baseball I play all the time," says Oshay Walker, a baseball player.

What they can't figure out is who would do this.

"It really has to be somebody who doesn't have a heart," says Tony Hodges, the North Vallejo Little League president.

Hodges caught some people trying to get in to the building Thursday, but they ran off empty handed.

"I saw three kids trying to get into the window area of our concession," says Hodges.

That's the key lead that Vallejo Police have to go on and they think kids probably are to blame, but that's tough for league officials to accept.

"One point you think it might be kids, but then I can't see kids breaking in the way it was broken into through the attic part," says Hodges.

Team officials now plan to ask Vallejo companies to please pitch in and help them buy some uniforms so they don't have to cancel the season. Regardless, they know that will be tough in this economy.

For information on how to contribute please contact Tony Hodges 707-712-0602.

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