Over 100 guns stolen in San Jose

March 19, 2009 6:15:04 PM PDT
Federal agents and San Jose Police are looking at surveillance video that might help them identify the thieves who broke into a gun store overnight on Almaden Expressway.

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The folks at the Gun Exchange are still making some repairs. They have iron doors and bars on the windows, but it was not enough to stop three very determined thieves with a crowbar.

They took dozens of guns, more than 100 of them, in a matter of minutes.

Surveillance video from inside the gun exchange on Almaden Expressway in San Jose caught three masked men inside the store at 4:45 a.m. on Thursday morning. They were wearing heavy clothing and carried large bags or pillow cases.

"The one guy was standing here, he pointed over there and he pointed here and here. One guy went here, went there went here," said Gun Exchange owner Mike Fournier.

The movements were fast and efficient. After tripping the alarm, the trio was in the store for only two minutes and 30 seconds. They emptied three cases and stole at least 105 weapons.

"They knew what they were doing. They popped that door open, quick, got in knew exactly where the guns were that they wanted," said Gun Exchange employee Paul Bunnell.

The vast majority of the stolen guns are semi automatic handguns and revolvers. The owner of the Gun Exchange says he has no doubt where the guns are headed.

"Gangs, they're self defense guns for people to buy for themselves and that's exactly what they did. The gangsters took them," said Fournier.

The video shows one of the masked men grabbed two semi automatic rifles from this group almost as an afterthought. Just four minutes after the alarm went off police arrived, but it was still 90 seconds after the burglars took off.

"We have every officer in this division scouring the neighborhood looking for these guys. Hopefully we come up with some kind of luck," said Lt. Mike Sullivan from San Jose Police Department.

Police dusted for prints and will review not only this morning's surveillance video, but previous days hoping to spot the men casing the store. There is also video from a near-by liquor store that may have caught the car in the parking lot.

Fournier says he's been burglarized three times in 21 years and all have had the same outcome.

"They got caught. Everybody who has ever attempted this place has got caught," said Fournier.

Every gun taken has a serial number and there was no ammunition taken. The ATF told ABC7 that they had very viable leads, and that they are working very aggresively with the San Jose Police Department.

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