Therapy alternative: Group coaching

March 20, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
In these stressful economic times, you may feel like you need therapy more than ever, but it can be expensive. Executive and reorganizational coach, Barbara Russo, sheds light on a more affordable approach known as "group coaching."

About Group Coaching: During these economic times, you don't have to forego personal growth if you cannot afford a good therapist. And excellent alternative-especially if you are in a life transition such as a job change, relationship struggle, or move-is to have a personal coach. Or, as an even more economical approach, group coaching. This unique model we call Power Coaching is holistic so you not only grow, but integrate all four quadrants of the heart: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Just imagine what you might accomplish with someone totally invested in your success at your side! Through Power Coaching, you will gain a fresh perspective while you reconnect to your power source to create the personal and professional life you want.

About Barbara Russo:
Barbara Russo, adjunct faculty member of NYU's Coaching Program, Director of Coaching for Dr. Brenda's Heartline Productions, and an independent Executive/Organizational/Life Coach, is trained and certified through New York University's School of Continuing Professional Studies and the International Coach Federation. A former executive vice president of a national, New York-based personnel staffing firm and entrepreneur, Barbara combines the synergy of these roles and the breadth of her professional and personal experience to support and facilitate executives, professionals, individuals, and organizations across the country through successful strategic transition and growth.

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Quantum Thinking & Personal Growth
Saturday, March 21, 2009
Oceano Hotel, Half Moon Bay, CA
10 am - 4 pm

Gerald Harris, Dr. Brenda Wade and Barbara Russo combine their business and personal development expertise to bring you this extraordinary one-day event that can change your success ratio forever. In this seminar, you will gain powerful, practical, scientifically proven tools and information for understanding how to accelerate your personal growth and how you can become a more strategic asset to your business or organization. Here you will:

  • Understand your growth quotient
  • Learn how to understand and expand out of your comfort zone for growth
  • Gain tools for diagnosing your strategic importance to your business / organization
  • Acquire tools for making a more strategic contribution to your business / organization
  • Learn the breakthrough skills needed to master personal and business integration and to truly see the success you desire in your business and in your personal life.

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