Neighbor tells ABC7 he once kissed missing girl

March 31, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
A man told ABC7 News what he told Tracy Police about his encounter with a missing 8-year-old girl. That man's home was searched and so was the home of another man who lives in the Orchard Estates mobile home park near Sandra Cantu. She's been missing now since last Friday.

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Tracy residents held another vigil Tuesday night. They say they will hold one every night until Sandra Cantu comes home. So far, police say they have received 360 leads, and the names of two people of interest have come up in those leads.

At his martial arts dojo in Tracy, Frank Wohler told ABC7 police searched his home Monday night and took his cell phone and CDs containing pictures. They also took a sample of his DNA.

When asked if he knew the girl at all, Wohler told ABC7, "No clue. I wish I did. I have no clue."

Wohler, who lives by himself in the mobile home park, says police questioned him for hours about 8-year-old Sandra Cantu who has been missing since Friday.

"We became friends, she'd come to my house and property asking if I needed any help. I had her water my plants," said Wohler.

About two years ago, Sandra's grandmother says she got upset after Wohler kissed Sandra on the lips at the community swimming pool.

Explaining why he kissed the girl, Wohler said he was "being friendly and nice. It's kind of my nature. And I haven't talked to her since. I've seen her around the park, but that's it." He went on to say, "A little kiss that happened on the lips. That's all."

Detectives served six search warrants. They combed four mobile homes and towed three vehicles. Wohler says they also inspected his martial arts studio and an undisclosed place in Oakdale.

Chris Sinclair said police searched his mobile home and he was arrested Monday night for interfering with an investigation. Sinclair said he lives with his wife in his parent's home and has no idea why police want to talk to him. He also said he did not know the girl.

So far, police have not divulged the names of two people they are calling "persons of interest."

For the first time in three days, police have moved the security checkpoint at the entrance of the mobile home park. They are no longer stopping cars and checking trunks.

This will be the fifth night in a row that Sandra's mother has not put her daughter to bed.

With all the drama unfolding at the mobile home park, Sandra family has not given up hope.

"Whoever has her, just let her go. She needs to come home to her mom who loves her very much, misses her," said her mother Maria Chavez.

Sandra's uncle Joe Chavez described the experience as a hellish roller coaster ride of emotions, saying "One moment you think you're hopeful she's going to come back. Next minute you're thinking the most awfulest things that anyone can imagine."

Police say they talked to one person who believes Sandra's father took her to Mexico. But, during a Tuesday evening press conference officials said they had no reason to believe the girl is in Mexico.

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